12 October, 2006

D&J Models

Season 2 is now underway. We began storyboarding and designing a couple months ago, now we've begun BG layout & rough animation, clean-up begins next month. We've got 26 episodes to complete over the next 14 months, from design to boards, and animation to paint & FX. Here's some design packs for the first couple episodes and some of last year's color keys we'll be re-using in production this season.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Wow, I absolutely love Delilah and Julius and am guilty for writing a bundle of fan fictions for it. It's so cool to know that D&J has stretched to Germany too! Wow! Good job!

Thanks for posting the models and stuff for D&J, as I've been wanting to draw my own fan character in the D&J style for a long time.

Keep up the great work! You guys are incredible with everything from animation to voices to music! I love it all!

Much Love,
Phaedra Calinda

Anonymous said...

When is the second season airing in Canada?

Ron said...