21 January, 2007

Olliver's Adventures

Ollie is getting a new lease on life through syndication. New audience, new countries, and new time slots are all responsible of Ollie's latest new jolt of popularity amongst kids.
Entirely produced, written, voiced, designed, and animated here at Collideascope. It was our own property and our own creation and it's what got the studio off the ground and into the industry.

Here's some old Hi-Res promotional images:


Anonymous said...

And by your own creation, you mean Sean Scott's right? I don't see his name mentioned anywhere here.

Ron said...

Yes, Sean Scott, Ed Kay, and Steve Comeau all developed the show while they were here.

Stanley Thunderbeard said...

Woah. This was not my creation alone. It was truley a joint effort. The idea was all Steve and then the developement was was the three that Ron mentioned. My biggest part was in creating the designs (sorry for the lack of legs boys and girls) and directing the first season, which was a half-hour comprised of 11 shorts.

I really do not take ownership of this. Whoever the "anonymous" commentor is; this was not necessary. Ron gained as much ownership on this property as I have by directing a 3 full seasons of the show.

Anonymous said...

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