29 March, 2007

D&J Season 2 Effects Animation Sneak Peek

Here we feature a new villain named Dynamo first seen here. Below are a few stills of some effects Jake worked on.

Here's a short clip from one of the scenes:

Courtesy of Jake Macher.


Monster of Books said...

To me, this season is going to have better flast animation or whatever you used last time. No Offense, but this clip and the drawings look alot better then season 1.

Ron said...

Oh man!
You have no idea!
The amount of new systems we put in place is incredible, making our process smoother and more efficient. Thus giving our animators more time to really make the poses stronger and the animation more consistent. We got rid of the self-traced lines for most of the characters and props which gave our clean-up animators more time to really make the artwork sing. Plus we had a bigger budget this year!

Gillian said...

Jake is a machine!!

Jake Macher said...

Why thank you

ken said...

cool clip the effects are really awsome