04 December, 2007

Johnny 3 - In the beginning...

This season's challenge wasn't in the technical or artistic challenges of last year, this year was different, we had mastered the style and developed a nice system, however... we had our first (and worst) staff-shortage ever! This year we were ready for even crazier action scenes, we had done it all last season, we thought we were ready for this season's more demanding scripts. What we weren't ready for was the fact that every animator in eastern Canada was so busy with other projects that we had a hell of a time recruiting new blood to start this season.

Johnny Test was our most demanding project yet, but our little studio had grown and learned, and now that we tackled another 13 episodes, spirits were high, and the show ran much smoother than last year (once we finaly found all our artists). Designs and storyboards are the foundation to good visual appeal and strong storytelling, and we had a great crew for that this year.

Here's a samples of John Lei's first board,
fantastic acting and posing.

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