06 October, 2007

Animation Tests

As we are growing and learning as a company and as artists we are often asked to do animation tests. Producers and show creators want to see if we can be trusted with their concepts and ask us to do walk cycles or acting tests. Sometimes we pull it off, sometimes we don't. As we we've branched out from solely developing and producing our own properties to expanding into more service work to stay busy, we often provide samples to show we can do the style of design and timing a client is looking for.

When Warner Bros. wanted to see if we could re-create the style of the Johnny Test series using Flash but keeping with the quality of a traditionally animated/painted show, we did this animation test for them, though we've improved a lot on the style since, a mere 4 artists pumped out this sequence in a week. I guess WB liked it, cause 2 years later we're still producing episodes for them.

Another concept that came to us was a show created by former Futurama designers/writers called "Crumb Snatchers". Unfortunately the series never got picked up, but we enjoyed doing a short animation test for them while it was being developed.

One of our artists did this animation test in a week from an animatic. We were so busy ramping up for
26x22min. of Johnny Test and 26x22min. of D&J
that we simply did not have the resources to commit to this project. So the series was picked up by FatKat, and they seem to be doing a fantastic job.

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Gene Fowler said...

So far so good!
Thanks for the plug, your test for Johnny Test is super nice. Very fluid.