21 January, 2007

Olliver's Adventures

Ollie is getting a new lease on life through syndication. New audience, new countries, and new time slots are all responsible of Ollie's latest new jolt of popularity amongst kids.
Entirely produced, written, voiced, designed, and animated here at Collideascope. It was our own property and our own creation and it's what got the studio off the ground and into the industry.

Here's some old Hi-Res promotional images:

19 January, 2007

Post Production

Season 2 of Johnny Test Sound Effects & Music are nearly complete. Paint & Effects Animation on the last episode just got finalised this week! Almost done!

06 January, 2007

Studio Antics

While doing a clean sweep of our file server I discovered a few funny acts that animators had done over the last few years during what little spare time they usually had.

So here's just a few shots I grabbed that animators had done, sometimes created for an extra piece on their show reel or just to try something different and fun, enjoy these great clips:

Animated by Jacques Daigle:

Animated by Curtis Carey:

Animated by Rachel Morrison, Inked by Adam King:

Animated by Matt Shepherd:

Animated by Rachel Morrison:

Animated by Matt Shepherd:

Animated by Scott MacDonald:

Animated by Rachel Morrison:

Animated by Bianca Siercke:
This Character is a Copyright of
Warner Brothers Feature Animation Inc.

05 January, 2007

D&J ... Xtreme!

Here's a doodle done by our token caricaturist Don Pinsent of Delilah & Julius.

Snap Shots

Here's some pictures of the the Dec. 22nd IWK run.
We've been told by multiple sources that the story was run through several other provincial papers through out Canada. Go Cappello!