08 November, 2007

Blast from our Past

8 years ago...
We did an animated demo for Nickelodeon. The concept was called Jerk Chicken, created by Chris Gilligan. In regards to 2D animation, all Collideascope had done thus far was some commercials, internet stuff and a couple short films Legend of Raggot and Tongue Twister, by Sean Scott.

As we were still developing what was going to be our first series Olliver's Adventures we spent a few months doing this pitch demo. Under Sean's supervision, we were 4 of us trying to wrap our heads around Flash 3 to make it do what we wanted. After endless upon endless weeks of revisions, we were finally done by early 2000. At the time we didn't realize how much we had learned and how much that experience would help us in our future. This was the final result, it never went any further than this web-broadcast test pilot. Sorry for the low quality, but it's the only version I could find that had final voices, sound effects and music.

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