05 November, 2007

Delilah & Julius Episode List

The last week for D&J Animation and Backgrounds is almost upon us - Thanks for all the hard work guys!
Bit by bit, the crew is twiddling down as each department finishes off their one year contract (and 3 years for many others). Designs, storyboards, layouts, and soon the rough character animation and BG paint departments for Delilah & Julius are taking a much deserved rest after such a long haul.

Here is the episode list for the entire series.

Season 1:
The Underground
Fun For All
Ice, Ice Baby
The Delilah Identity
Mayans Ruined
All You Need Is Love
Project Greenthumb
The Ratings War
Eye of the Storm
Saving Scarlett
Simple Minds
Hunk Island
Batman of Borneo
To Spy or Not to Spy
Last Day of Christmas
A Very Important Date
The Ringmaster
A Dreamer Never Dies
A New Ice Age
Paris to Dakar
Game, Set, Match
The Hunter
Terror By Tarot
The Truth Be Gold is a one and a half-hour long movie with three parts to it:
All That Glitter is Gold - Season Finale Part One 

See How They Run - Season Finale Part Two 
Heir Apparent - Season Finale Part Three

Season 2:
The Fear Inside
Land of the Setting Sun
Homework Detrimental
Al Riled Up
Case of the Comic Capers
Hollywood Plot
Blinded by Love
A Dirty Job
Love Bytes
Pressure Drop
Frozen in Time
All Along the Clocktower
The Zero Hour
Family Pass
Dawn of a New Day
Just the Two of Us
Every Breath You Take
The Traitor Within
The Fugitive Vacationer
Extreme Measures
To Dismay's Dismay
The End of Tomorrow - Part 1
The End of Tomorrow - Part 2
The End of Tomorrow - Part 3

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